Christmas Tree Earrings

Christmas Tree Earrings

This earring is created in an "upside down" brick stitch. It works very well when making a shape with single rows.
If you are using Size 11 seed beads (Green, Red, Silver and Brown), this earring will be approximately 1 inch wide and 1-1/4 inch high. I used regular 11 beads, rather than Japanese beads, paying minimal attention to their size. This gave the tree a less symmetrical look, more like a natural tree.

Begin with ear wire loop.

String 2 green and 5 silver beads, green, bring thread back through the "top" of the 2 green beads to make a circle with a tail.

First "row" of Brick stitch

Pick up 1 green bead and bring needle through "bottom" of the first green bead. Weave thread back through the second green bead and the silver beads, reinforcing the ear wire loop, and come out through the bead you just added. You now have your base brick stitch row.

Rows 3 - 6

Pick up 1 green and 1 red bead, bring needle through exposed thread on previous row and back up through the bottom of the second bead. Pick up another green bead, bring needle through the same exposed thread and back up through the bottom of the bead. You now have a row of 3 beads. The next row will be a total of 4 beads (all green); pick up 2 beads at the beginning of the row, weave needle through thread between 1st & 2nd beads of previous row, and adding 1 bead at the end of the row. Increase in the same manner over the next 3 rows, following the pattern.

Rows 7 - 13

At the end of Row 6, pick up 1 red bead and bring needle back through the last bead of Row 6, allowing the red bead to 'dangle'. Bring needle down through 2nd bead from the end of previous row and begin Row 7. At the 4th bead in the pattern, weave your needle back up through Row 6 to bring it out the 'first' bead on that row, and add another red bead in the same way you did at the other end. Again follow the pattern for Rows 8 -12.

Rows 13 - 19

At the end of Row 12, add a red 'drop' bead as you did on Row 6. Weave the needle back to come out the 2nd bead from the end of Row 12, and begin Row 13. Follow pattern, then after the 7th bead in the row weave your needle over to the 'beginning' of the previous row and add another 'drop' bead. Weave back to Row 13 and proceed following the pattern to row 19.


At the end of Row 19, add a red bead as before, then weave your needle back through your work coming out the 6th bead from the end. Pick up 6 brown beads, weave needle down through bead 7 of previous row. Bring needle back up through bead 8, add 3 more brown beads. Bring needle through middle 3 beads and bead 7. Weave needle over to the beginning of Row 19, add another red 'drop' bead and weave needle and thread back through your work to secure.